Every dentist has heard this statement over and over again. One out of two adult Americans is so terrified of dental treatment that he or she puts off dentistry they know they need. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Sedation dentistry employs the use of traditional medical sedatives in such a fashion that you are comfortable during treatment and have little or no memory of the treatment afterward. In many cases, all dental work (including cleanings) can be done in only one visit.  
Why don't all dentists offer sedation dentistry to their patients?Because it takes extra training, equipment, and time to offer such a service.
Dr. Peabody has the philosophy that there is simply NO reason to allow fear to control your dental health.He is committed to treating patients more comfortably than they ever thought possible.
On your first visit to our office, Dr. Peabody will talk with you privately about your medical and dental history. He encourages questions, so you will feel comfortable discussing your dental concerns and fears. If you would like to bring a spouse or family member to your first visit, please feel free. We understand that this is a difficult visit for you and we want to make it as pleasant as possible.
 Dr. Peabody offers a wide range of services for your convenience. You will be given a complete treatment plan after your initial visit. Together, we can plan for your dental care and go over the sedation dentistry procedure. Please don't neglect your dental health due to fear or anxiety. We are here to help you!