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Posted On: 02/28/2018 “I have had a very positive experience with Dr. Peabody and staff! They are friendly, thorough, and informative. They made me feel very comfortable” Maryjane
Posted On: 02/28/2018 “Dr Guy Peabody recently filled in some cavities I had and the treatment was painless! He has a great chair side manner with a good sense of humor and an awesome staff!!” JD
Posted On: 02/28/2018 “I am trying like crazy to think of a reason to give less than 5 stars to Dr. Peabody and his staff, but I can’t. Nobody is going to believe me if I say the root canal was a pleasure, so I will just say every aspect of the experience was as professional and painless as one could have hoped!” Kent
Posted On: 08/19/2017 Awesome staff that do awesome gentle work. Chucky De L Google Review
Posted On: 08/11/2017 Karli B Google Review
Posted On: 07/20/2017 Dejon L Google Review
Posted On: 07/20/2017 I had a wonderful experience at this office. Dr. Peabody is thorough and so nice! The office staff is great too: super nice, super accomodationg. Easy 5 star Greg R Google Review
Posted On: 06/19/2017 Dr. Peabody,
I want to thank you and your staff again for the work you did on me last Thursday. It was probably the best dentist experience I've had in my 68 years. I can't believe I actually fell asleep in the chair while you were working on me! And thank you for calling to check on me the day after the work was done. I really appreciate the 'above and beyond' care you provide.
Stephen B Google Review
Posted On: 12/16/2016 I have been going to Dr. Guy Peabody for nearly 10 years and have never been unhappy or disappointed in the care I have been provided. Dr. Guy and his staff make coming in for dental procedures, or just cleaning, as pleasant an experience as is possible. The office is run efficiently, the staff are friendly and make me feel warmly welcomed. I especially appreciate that Dr. Guy is completely trustworthy in his practice and will only advise those procedures that are necessary and healthful. It's great to find such a dentist. Nancy D Google Review
Posted On: 12/01/2016 It seems to me that this Dentist office is not well organized. I have asked to get an appointment since October, I received this email on 11- 14 'I will discuss your treatment with Dr. Peabody and get back to you as soon as I can. ' I have tried several times and have gotten similiar responses throughout the month of Nov. Tonight I get we don't want you as a client. Tonight I was also informed they sent a refund check and a letter on 11-11 stating this certified mail. I have a hard time in blaming USPS for a bad address and not being returned yet 12/1 Oh did I say bad address when in August the office was given the correct address. Hmm once again Organization? Could No ONE respond to me and ask did you not receive a letter dated on VETERANS DAY? But yet on August 9 they would been happy to take approx $4,000 of my money to provide treatment for 1 tooth but couldn't do it until later in September. Tonight I was also informed by Dr. Peabody's wife that he did not feel comfortable treating me and I would be happier somewhere else. When I asked why he was ok to take my xrays and provide a treatment plan (if you want this for proof I have it) and all of a sudden he is not ok. I alsowas informed that I would get an email that would release my forms to me or another dentist. It is now one hour past closing time for them and I did not receive such documentation.

I am now out of my insurance money for the year due to most dentist are now booked til Jan 1. Which prevents me even further from getting the treatment I do need.

How would you feel?
LouCinda W Google Review
Posted On: 08/31/2013 Had to have a procedure, I was in lots of pain before going into his office. One day after being seen by Dr. Peabody my pain was almost gone. He was so kind and let me know what was going on during the procedure. His staff is professional and I would not hesitate to send all my friends and family to Dr. Peabody. They really took such good care of me. Abigail H Google Review
Posted On: 08/03/2013 I just got a crown put on by Dr. Peabody. The experiences I had during the temporary phase and the final phase were both professional, friendly and painless. Dr. Peabody checked with me often to be sure I was comfortable. He communicated what he was doing each step of the way. He even called me personally to check on me after the procedure. I appreciated how he took extra time to allign my bite. Now it's better than it was before. His office is clean and all his staff are friendly. I recommend Dr. Peabody! Joy W Google Review
Posted On: 07/17/2013 I have had 2 procedures with Dr. Peabody. I had 3 crowns put in on my upper teeth and 3 crowns on my lower teeth. These procedures take about 3 hours in the chair and are pretty much of a beating. But I have to say that Guy and his whole office staff did their best to make it as easy as possible. They are all very considerate, friendly and professional. One thing I would highly recommend is to have the nitrous oxide if you are doing a long procedure. I did one with and one without. The procedure without nitrous oxide was characterized by the usual clenched muscles, stress and discomfort I generally associated with going to the dentist. But with the nitrous oxide, I felt I might just fall asleep while chips of my teeth were flying around the room. No clenching, no stress; I didn't seem to care what they were doing or how long it took.
I will say that I think Dr. Peabody is the best dentist I have had in my 62 years.
Jean S Google Review
Posted On: 07/09/2013 There’s something special about the environment at Dr. Peabody’s dental office. It’s a little bit like going to that familiar friendly place, that we all know, where you truly feel comfortable and welcome. Dental offices can be nerve-racking places at times, but I’ve got to say, Dr. Peabody and his staff really take the edge off, both in the chair and in the waiting room. It’s very nice! I’ve been a patient for a few years now, and just made it through a dental emergency this past 4th of July weekend. Dr. Peabody really saved me! Thank you so much! I can’t say enough for the level of care and for the way that I’ve been treated at Dr. Peabody’s Dental practice in Santa Cruz. Matt B Google Review
Posted On: 07/02/2013 A warm and caring staff from the front office, to the hygienists to Dr.Peabody himself. I have never enjoyed going to the dentist before but they make the entire experience less stressful. I would recommend this office to anyone. Alicia C Google Review
Posted On: 06/29/2013 I'm thankful that I found Dr. Guy Peabody! I don't dread going to the dentist as I used to because Dr. Guy always, somehow, makes my appointment a positive experience. It helps that I have complete trust and faith in him and his work, and his very friendly, kind staff and the extras offered—dark 'glasses' to keep the bright light at bay, a rolled up towel for the back of my neck for comfort…their service is amazing!
Fr. Luke Dingman
Fr. Luke D Google Review
Posted On: 06/26/2013 Just had teeth cleaning with Carol. She did a most professional job, lots of information on various dental subjects. Between Dr. Peabody, the staff and Carol, I am finally getting past the 'dentist phobia'. Thank you all. Patricia T Google Review
Posted On: 03/29/2013 I have a lot of dental work that needs to be done and this is the only Dentist Office I will ever go to again! Brenda S Google Review
Posted On: 01/13/2013 In my 60 or so years, this is by far the best dentist and team ever! They explain things thoroughly, put me at ease and greet me as if we've known each other forever. They are kind, patient and understanding.

I recently had a cleaning with Carol who was very encouraging and positive. I walked out of there feeling normal----my mouth didn't hurt, no rough edges, nicer looking teeth.

If you have any fears or hesitations about your teeth, this is the place to go. Thank you for taking care of me so well.
Jessica P Google Review
Posted On: 08/25/2012 For 15 years I have been enjoying the high quality and professional care of Dr. Peabody and his staff. As others have written, not only are the results beautiful and comfortable, but the staff are so caring, thoughtful and friendly that I highly recommend this office. Dr Peabody takes time to carefully to explain all options and is gentle and kind during his procedures. A truly remarkable office. Lindsay J Google Review
Posted On: 07/31/2012 My family has been cared for by Dr. Guy Peabody for 20 years, and we have always been highly satisfied with his work. He is meticulous, friendly, and very patient-oriented, with a soothing 'chairside' manner. His staff is friendly and efficient, and they remember everyone from visit to visit. I highly recommend Dr. Peabody. Katherine H Google Review
Posted On: 07/29/2012 Highly recommended for professionalism...and warmth. I don't know any of them in particular but i feel like going to family reunion.
There is nothing like quality services mix with concern for the patient's satisfaction.
Good place for that.
Marie-laure jacquet
Marie-laure Tendron J Google Review
Posted On: 10/29/2010 Dr. Guy W. Peabody is a renowned Sedation dentist in Santa Cruz Area ! Great Dentist , Great Services , I Recommend Every One to Guy Peabody For All Dental Problems !

Muhammad S Google Review
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