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Posted On: 10/28/2019 Great service and everyone here makes me feel very welcome and Dr Peabody always listens to my needs for my dental care Amparo S Google Review
Posted On: 09/26/2019 Marian O Google Review
Posted On: 08/13/2019 I always have a good experience and learn more each time. I enjoy chatting and getting my teeth cleaned perfectly. Audrey M
Posted On: 07/29/2019 Even the choice of music is great! Thank you for all the techniques used to make us more comfortable. Anonymous
Posted On: 07/19/2019 The hygienist was great. I didn't feel a discomfort after the cleaning. I didn't see Dr. Peabody this time, but on my last visit, he was great on explaining my dental needs and procedures. He spent time on explaining everything to me and made sure that I understood it. He has a quality patient care. The office staff were nice. The only thing I could say is it's better if they provide a financial statement or copy of a treatment plan and its cost without asking them. So the patient can fully understand the treatment plan and cost. Don't assume that the patient will remember it. The other offices that I'd been to gives a copy of the plan automatically without asking for it. Other than that, it's a great dental office. Anonymous
Posted On: 06/27/2019 We love Dr. Peabody and staff! :) Julie P
Posted On: 06/19/2019 Sue R Google Review
Posted On: 06/19/2019 We love Dr. Peabody and his staff! Julie Bell P Google Review
Posted On: 06/14/2019 I only had to wait as I made a last minute appointment due to a chipped tooth. Although it was late in the day, he squeezed me in! Jessica P
Posted On: 06/14/2019 Meticulous to the max. I have been a patient of Dr. Peabody for 8+ years, and this is the best dental office I've found in decades. Peabody is very very good and friendly. Professional and friendly staff, too. You will also appreciate how well the front desk handles insurance.

One complaint - be sure to ask Dr. Peabody in advance for running commentary, otherwise you'll be wondering, 'what are they doing now and when will they be finished'? His post-procedure discussion is excellent, with great photographs.

BTW, I was steered to Dr. Peabody by a dental hygienist friend who does not work there - this is the kind of recommendation you should look for.
Glenn N Google Review
Posted On: 05/27/2019 You're doing a great job! Thank you so much! Rolland D
Posted On: 05/20/2019 Blanca was EXCELLENT with my teeth and really paid attention to the details and care. And they looked fantastic afterward. Thanks again for a great dental experience. There is no other dental office on the planet like this one and it's commendable to have held these standards for so many years. Robert D
Posted On: 05/13/2019 No need to change anything! All the staff is always very helpful. Octavio S
Posted On: 05/10/2019 It was a very good experience! And the dental work feels excellent! Jane G
Posted On: 05/01/2019 I can’t say enough about Dr. Peabody and his staff they are 100% professional at all times my fear of dentists has been saved by Dr. Peabody . I just had some work done this past Tuesday two crowns with oral sedation and it could’ve went any better my two front crowns look amazing great color match no pain whatsoever I’m looking forward to seeing Dr. Peabody in the very near future to have some more work done I can’t thank you enough Dr. Peabody thank you again for your great job and your staff . Daniel G
Posted On: 04/18/2019 Everyone was fine. Excellent care! Anne D
Posted On: 04/15/2019 A great total dental experience. Admin and techs and Dr. David G
Posted On: 11/26/2018 I used to be afraid to go to the dentist and had a few bad ones ! Love dr Peabody and his staff. They are compassionate and do great work Cindy J Google Review
Posted On: 11/20/2018 Simply the best, better than all the rest. Amazing chair side patient manner. Very intune to your needs and comfort. The ladies who run the front desk. Super nice, very patient. Are they ever in a bad mood?
I have been going to Dr Peabody for about 8 years. So much respect between Dr. Peabody and his employees. And the coupe Degraw .........Dr Peabody calls you personally after you have spent time in the chair. After hours, after his office is closed, on his personal time. Who does that? He asks how your doing or / feeling. Listens you and gives suggestion or advise as needed. Taking the time to check on YOU. Nope not an added charge. Not one of those, press 1 for this , or 2 for that followed by the # and any other questions please call our office, blah, blah blah..........I am a happy patient, returning patient.
Thank you Dr. Peabody......... think you office ladies........
Gloria W Google Review
Posted On: 10/04/2018 I saw Dr. Peabody after a 6 year gap in dental work due to insurance coverage. Their team was very welcoming and not shaming of the amount of time that had passes since previous care. My treatment plan was created based on I wanted to prioritize and could afford. After getting a temporary crown and some fillings, later that evening Dr. Peabody personally called to see if I had questions, concerns, and to see how I was feeling. It was above and beyond my expectations and much appreciated. Thank you Dr. Peabody and your wonderful team! Sage S Google Review
Posted On: 09/14/2018 Heidi K Google Review
Posted On: 02/28/2018 “Incredible. Doctor Peabody did full reconstructive work on me. At first, I was very anxious but Dr. P put my worries at rest. Always considerate, listening to all my questions and now a have new smile!” S.P.
Posted On: 02/28/2018 “Before coming to Dr Peabody, I was completely dental phobic. When I came to his office, I was immediately put at ease. Dr. Peabody was gentle, he talked me through every step of what he was going to do, and he gave me choices about what was needed. Call Dr. Peabody’s office. You won’t regret it!” Harley
Posted On: 02/28/2018 “Today I experienced a miracle. Dr. Peabody finished a three-step tooth reconstruction for me by inserting my crown. I had pretty well destroyed my original tooth, I am very grateful for Dr. Peabody’s skills and his gentleness as a dentist. All of his staff has been so helpful and kind as well. I never knew going to the dentist could be so painless and hopeful. It has truly been a miraculous.” Theresa
Posted On: 02/28/2018 “Excellent. I have a deathly fear of dentists and hadn’t been to one in quite awhile. Dr. Peabody was great – very patient and understanding. I had sedation dentistry with a lot of work done. I had absolutely no pain and no recall of the time while we was working on my mouth. If you have a morbid fear of going to a dentist, you no longer need to. I would highly recommend Dr. Peabody.” Steve
Posted On: 02/28/2018 “I was the girl in the room who never smiled, would hide with a goofy face in pictures and had low self-esteem from having such bad teeth. Dr. Peabody has given me a new outlook on my life. I will forever be grateful for his professionalism, kindness and gentleness with all procedures and I can’t say enough wonderful things. Thanks again, (patient for life!)” April
Posted On: 02/28/2018 “Dr. Peabody just completed my veneers on my front 4 front teeth and they look stunning!! I have to admit, I was a little anxious due to the look & feel of the temporaries but the permanent veneers have exceeded my expectations and I am excited beyond words! I would recommend Dr. Peabody’s work to anyone who would like to contact me to discuss or has any questions regarding veneers!” New Veneer G
Posted On: 02/28/2018 “Having neglected my dental health for over 5 years due to dentist fears, I was pointed by a friend to Dr. Peabody’s office. Treatments were monitored closely for pain tolerance; there was no shaming or judgments. The work itself was first rate and my mouth, teeth and smile all feel better, noticed by many of my friends. Best health care I’ve had in 25 years in Santa Cruz.” Jeff
Posted On: 02/28/2018 “This is a fantastic team of people who work with Dr. Peabody, who is fantastic as well. They are very reassuring. His hygienist, Carol, cleaned my teeth like I’ve never seen before in my life. I’ve been having my teeth cleaned for decades and they now look the best they ever have. I recommend this dentist with absolutely no hesitation. Thank you.” Jess
Posted On: 02/28/2018 “I am a high fear patient. Just the thought of walking through the door of a dental office makes my skin crawl. After reading all the encouraging reviews on Dr. Peabody’s website, I decided to pick up the phone and make the call. The receptionist had a very friendly tone and made me feel at ease right from the beginning. Now, for the first time in many years I can go to the dentist without all the childhood fears popping up. Thanks to you all.” Trish
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